Dr. Javier Adrián Morales Morales (Biología molecular / Molecular biology), Javier got his PhD in molecular biology and biochemistry from the Centro de Investigación Científica de Yucatán (CICY). His PhD focused on the study of nuclear phosphoinositides and their role in cell death. He has the expertise in the usage of different molecular biology techniques such as the DNA, RNA, and proteins extraction, as well as gene cloning, protein expression, and purification. Previous to joining the ICACC (UNAM), he did a postdoc at the CICY where he collaborated with obtaining the transcriptome of the pitayo(Stenocereus queretaroensis). Currently, he is interested in obtaining the metagenome of the African dust particles upon arrival in the Yucatan Peninsula to corroborate the transport of microorganisms from Africa to Mexico during the African dust intrusions.

Doctorado (PhD):

Mtra. Maria Fernanda Córdoba Benavides (Química / Chemistry), Ma. Fernanda was born in Sandoná – Nariño (Colombia) where she concluded her high school studies. Later on she went to the Universidad de Nariño (Colombia) where she received her degree in Chemistry. During her undergraduate studies she worked in the laboratory preparing the laboratory materials and she was also a teaching assistant in the development of chemistry laboratory practices. Before graduating, Fernanda did an academic internship at the Institute of Chemistry at UNAM (Mexico).  

Afterwards, she moved to Mexico City where she obtained her Masters from the graduate School of Chemistry at the UNAM. Currently, she is carrying out her PhD at the Centre of Atmospheric Sciences (UNAM) where her main interests are linked to the study of aerosol particles of marine origin and on how they influence mixed-phase cloud formation. 

Maestría (Master):

Lic. Emma Negrete Harper (Ciencias de la Tierra / Earth Sciencies), Emma got her degree in Environmental engineering in 2014 and since then has worked in environmental consulting: in soil remediation, environmental impact and waste management projects. Also, since 2017, she has worked as a Chemistry and Ecology teacher at the high school level. The practice of long-distance hiking is one of her passions and from there also arose her interest in studying the formation of clouds and storms.

Lic. Camilo Andrés Peralta Riaño (Ciencias de la Tierra/Earth Sciences), Camilo obtained his degree in Environmental engineering at the Corporación Univesitaria del Meta – UNIMETA (Colombia), and afterwards he specialized in Environmental management at the University of Antioquia (Colombia). Between 2019 and 2022 he worked as a Lecturer at UNIMETA, teaching Meteorology and Air quality, Hydraulics and Hydrology. At the same university he leads a project that aims to characterize PM10 in Villavicencio, a city that is impacted by biomass burning emissions from the Orinoco River Basin during the dry season.

Camilo is currently in his first semester of his Master’s in Earth Sciences, focused on aerosol particles emitted in Mexico City and their importance in the local precipitation patterns and extreme precipitation events.

Lic. Ma. Lourdes Montserrat Silva Castro (Química / Chemistry), Montse is currently studying a Master’s degree in Chemical Sciences at the UNAM; focused on African dust and its effects on the regional precipitation patterns. She has a bachelor’s degree in Chemistry from the UNAM. Her main interests are atmospheric chemistry, meteorology, and climate change.

Licenciatura (Undergraduate):

Jan Alexis Cedillo

Jan Alexis Cedillo Alcántara (IPN, Biología/Biology), Jan Alexis is currently in the last semester of his undergraduate in Biology at the Escuela Nacional de Ciencias Biológicas (IPN). The focus of his thesis at the IPN is the study and application of fungi of the genus Cordyceps s.l. At the UNAM, he is conducting his Social Service trying to understand the influence of biological microorganisms (e.g., bacteria, and fungi) in the atmosphere.

Daniela Alejandra Leal Villalvazo (UNAM, Ciencias de la Tierra / Earth Sciences), Daniela is in the last semester of her career and although she has chosen the aquatic sciences orientation for her degree she is also very interested in several processes that take place in the atmosphere such as atmospheric chemistry. The ocean-atmosphere interaction is another topic that she is passionate about. Daniela´s thesis project focuses on the variability of the concentration of INPs in the presence and absence of phytoplankton blooms in the Gulf of Mexico. Once she graduates she would like to obtain her master’s degree in Marine Sciences focusing on one of the following topics: ocean-atmosphere interaction, climate change, and the hydrodynamics of beaches and coastal lagoons.

Angélica Pérez

Angélica Berenice Pérez (UNAM, Ciencias de la Tierra / Earth Sciences), Angelica is currently in her last semester of the Earth Sciences degree with an orientation in atmospheric sciences. She is interested in the study of cloudiness and hydrometeorological phenomena associated with it. For this reason in her social service she is involved with the study between the heat island and the cloudiness over the Mexico´s Valley. Her undergraduate thesis is about severe convective storms in Monterrey.

Once she is done with her undergraduate, she would like to do a Master in the application of data sciences to the atmosphere.

David Ramírez de la Cruz (UAM, Química Farmacéutica Biológica/Biological Pharmaceutical Chemistry), David is currently in the second last term of his Biological Pharmaceutical Chemistry undergraduate at the Univerdad Autónoma Metropolitana (UAM). At the UNAM, he will conduct his Social Service and his thesis working on the physicochemical characterization of urban aerosol particles during the warm dry season in Mexico City.

Egresados (Alumni):